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manifesto 2017

You want someone to go that extra mile to get awesome photographs and that person is Julia. I cannot imagine photographing without her by my side. Her perfectionism is legendary, meaning that she will always stay that little bit longer, try that extra idea just to get those perfect pictures for you. Incredibly creative, funny and very organised, she will be the one setting up lighting in advance of your first dance, kneeling in the mud for the right angle or spotting the exact moment to go outside for that evening shot that you wanted. Believe me, she cares more about your wedding photography than you do – it has to be the best because that is what you deserve.



Trust me – you want Jill there on your day. Unflappable, practical and utterly joyful – she is a breath of air when sometimes it’s difficult to breathe.

Positive, open and endlessly kind, Jill loves LOVE, sees it and photographs it better than anyone else I know.

Oh and she’s been taking pictures for about 100 years.




We have been friends for ages, photographers for even longer and working together as professional photographers since 2010.  We always photograph together, working with you to create both the portraits that you want and the candid unguarded images that you will love. It gives us a unique ability to be in two places at once, to photograph everything that happens during your day, both the details that you planned and the emotions that took you by surprise.